“Endhiran The Robot” Review

Poster of the Movie "Endhiran the robot"

First of all “hats off” to the Director S. Shankar for making this greatest unbelievable film Endhiran The Robot.

I feel that we are all not at all eligible to comment or compliment or criticize on the great film “The Robot” directed by S. Shankar, i.e. the level he has reached with this film. Anyway we can discuss regarding the movie up to our knowledge level.

Film Director S. Shankar

S. Shankar, Film Director

Major Cast

Rajini Kanth, Aishwarya rai and Danny Denzongpa

Main Film Crew

Director: S. Shankar

Producer: Kalanidhi Maran, Sun Pictures

Action Director: Peter Hein

Dialogues: Sri Rama Krishna

SUN Network Chairman & Managing Director and Film Producer from SUN Pictures Kalanidhi Maran

Kalanidhi Maran, SUN Pictures

Director of Photography: Rathnavelu

Art Director: Sabu Cyril

Editing: Anthony

Visual effects: U.Srnivas.m.mohan, Frankie Chang, Eddie wong

Music Drector: Academy award winner A.R.Rahman

Sound Design: Acadamy award winner Resul Pookutty

Film Genre

Science Fiction Romantic Comedy Action Drama

Story Lead

Peter Heign, Action Director also called as Fight Master

Peter Hein, Action Director

The most talented hardworking scientist “Vasegaran” works for ten years and creates an android-humanoid robot named “Chitti” with 1 terahertz speed and   1 Zeta byte memory. This Robot is equal to 100 persons and created by Vasegaran for the purpose of Army to avoid human loss in wars. As the Robot is only machine and not having common sense, concern department rejects the approval. Vasegaran feels for rejection and tries his best to attach the human emotions to Chitti the robot and finally he will be successful. Some negative forces operate on the most powerful genius robot Chitti for the sake of using in negative things.  Operation of these negative forces and attaching the human emotions to the machine robot results in so many unexpected and mind-blowing consequences and later story ends positively with good message.


R Rathnavelu, Cinematographer

R Rathnavelu, Cinematographer

The Screenplay of this Movie is character based screen play, starts with creation of the “Chitti” the powerful genius robot, turns to unbelievable, unexpected and mind blowing consequences and ends positively with good message. Screenplay is very interesting such that any viewer can’t loose the concentration even for one second right from the starting to ending. The run of screenplay also touched the human emotions and also resulted in healthy situational Comedy.

Director S. Shankar

Director S. Shankar had very much clarity in creating his unbelievable character “Chitti” the robot. For creating this character, he was done so much of hard work including study of so much from Science, Robotics, all human

Art Director Sabu Cyril

Sabu Cyril, Art Director

talents, Human emotions etc. Chitti the Robot created by him is a human but the only difference is that was not born but was created.  Chitti was very interesting, powerful, lovable, unbelievable, genius, can dance, can sing, can fight and he can do all that a human can and more.

His screenplay was very perfect right from starting to ending. He made run overall screenplay by sticking only to the characterization of chitti and not taken any deviations. Even though the screenplay run was very serious with character of Chitti, he was also created comedy scenes in the screenplay without deviating from the characterization. The comedy created by him was such that we can’t control ourselves without laughing from our heart.

Actually Robot is a machine which operates only depends upon the program designed. But Director Shankar touched a very different angle in this movie

Film Editor Anthony

Anthony, Film Editor

screenplay by attaching human emotions to the robot. I think he was only first person in the world who created a Robo with human emotions.

He was also taken care much about visual effects and he created wonders. All visual effects are very good and especially visual effects used in the pre-climax were mind blowing and audience can’t sit in the seats at that point of time. In this movie, visual effects are not like effects but like real scenes. That was the perfectionism he was maintained.

By making this Movie, Director Shankar proved that “Film Director can create wonders”.

Music Director A.R.Rahman

A.R.Rahman, Music Director

Generally Audience doesn’t show interest in message carrying movies. But we are already known that Director S. Shankar was specialist in giving the message by the way of most interesting commercial screenplay. In this movie we can’t think about the message till end but suddenly he has given a small message through the Robot, at the same time that message was so powerful and total screenplay was related to that message only but we can’t realize that a message is going to be given in the climax.

Generally we use the Robots as machines as per our requirement but we wouldn’t share love with them. But the great director shankar had made other wonder with screenplay that he was touched the human emotions of audience with the character of machine i.e. the robot.

He was also done a good job in designing the three different shades of characrisations for Super star Rajini Kanth. He was also shown Aishwarya Rai as very beautifully and romantically.

Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer and Academy award winner Resul Pookutty

Resul Pookutty, Sound Designer

With this movie Director S. Shankar was increased the level of Indian films to the Hollywood level. He was proved that Indians also can do Hollywood films. Simply we can say “Endhiran The Robot” is the Hollywood film, S. Shankar is the Hollywood Film Director and now he is eligible for making the heavy Budget Hollywood Film with thousands of Crores.

Producer Kalanidhi Maran

As we already know, Kalanidhi Maran was the CMD of SUN Network and he was only produced this movie under the banner name “SUN Pictures”. We all Indians are very thankful to Sri Kalanidhi Maran for his encouragement and cooperation to Director S. Shankar in making this Hollywood level movie.

Super star Rajini Kanth

Danny Denzongpa, movie artist famous in doing negative shade characters in Bollywood

Danny Denzongpa, negative character of this film the robot

The Hero of this Movie, Super star Rajini Kanth was once again proved himself as a great artist with his different dialogue deliveries and with different styles. He was also perfectly moulded in three characters created by Director.

Aishwarya Rai

The role of Aishwarya Rai is also important in this movie and she was played well. She was very beautiful and romantic in this movie.

R. Rathnavelu

R. Ratnavelu is an excellent Cinematographer and all his movies are visually very good movies. Earlier he was worked for the famous Tamil movies like Thirumalai, Vaaranam and Aayiram. He also worked for Telugu movies Jayam, Arya and Jagadam. The photography for this movie is also excellent.

American visual effects superviser, makeup artist, film director and founder of Stan Winston studios Stan winston

Late Stan Winston, founder of Stan Winston Studios

Peter Hein

Action Director of this film is “Peter Hein” and the action sequences he was picturised were mind-blowing, unbelievable and hair rising.

Editor Anthony

Anthony is a Tamil Film Editor, worked for around 20 numbers of films of languages Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi. Earlier he was worked for the hit movies like Kaaka Kaaka (Tamil), Ghajini (Tamil and Hindi) and Ye Maaya Chesave (Telugu & Tamil versions). Editing of this movie “The Robot” is also very good.

Process of Animatronics

Process of Animatronics

Sabu Cyril

Sabu Cyril is very good art director, acquired Film Fare Awards twice for Yuva (2005) and for Gardish(1994). He was also got National Awards three times. The sets created for this movie for Scenes and Songs are wonderful.

Resul Pookutty

Resul Pookutty is from Kerala, India and is a Sound Designer, Sound Editor and Sound Mixer. We already know that he acquired Academy Award for best sound mixing for the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. He was designed sound for this movie and we can expect how the sound will be if he designs.


A. R. Rahman Allah Rakha Rahman is from Tamil Nadu, India and he is great music director who acquired two Academy Awards for “Best Original Music Score” and for “Best Original Song” for the film “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Android Humanoid Robot under construction

Android Humanoid Robot under construction

For this movie, he was given perfect Background Score for all categories of scenes like heart touching scenes, Action sequences and comedy scenes etc. He was also given very good music for the Songs.

Specialties of this Movie

1)     High Budget Film: It is most expensive Asian film ever made. The Budget of the film is 200 Crores.

2)     Stan Winston Studios: Chitti the Robot was created at this great studio of California, USA and also all visual effects were created here. Avatars and visual effects of the greatest films like Jurassic Park, Predator and Avatar also created in this Studio.

3)     Animatronics: Chitti The Robot was created by the way of Animatronics. Animatronics is the process in which electronics and robotics

The robot named chitti

Chitti The Robot

will be used in mechanized puppets to simulate life.

4)     Android-Humanoid Robot: Chitti The Robot is an “Android-Humanoid Robot”.  If Robot looks and acts like a Human then that Robot is called as Android. If Robot is like Human and has like Human Body then that Robot is called as Humanoid. So finally Chitti The Robot is an Android-Humanoid Robot.

5)     Double Role: Super star Rajini Kanth was played double role and he was performed three different types/shades of characters.

These are only some specialties of the Movie and if you watch the Movie you can see wonders. This Movie is a wonder and science fiction adventure produced with international standards. What are you waiting for? Just immediately book the tickets and watch the Movie.

Finally once again hats off to the genius film director S. Shankar.

Thanks & Regards
Prasanna Kumar
Aspiring filmmaker